Monday, August 29, 2011

The "romani" syndrome

OK, what's the deal with this romani stuff anyway? Well, I am a gypsy descendent, and my first name is Guy.  But it goes a lot deeper than that. It's also a matter of attitude. Not everyone is cut out for this mode of living. Ya gotta cut everything loose that you did that line dance for, have an adventurous spirit, and most of all get down to the heart and soul of your time on earth and what is important.
The international Rom flag

  No organized society has ever tolerated nomads in the midst of town and city dwellers, it goes against the grain of society building and expansion. It makes people uncomfortable, a free spirit in their midst. I guess I have always had this philosophy about life, and living, since I was a kid. I think some are born with it, others aquire it when or if they lose everything. Everything being all that material stuff that you really did'nt need in the first place. Yeah, you still need the things that are necessary for your general welfare, but not the albatrosses around your neck that you keep on hanging there until you fall flat on your face.
  It does take  a brave soul. And courage. And a quiet, deep look at life as you know it...

Sunday, August 28, 2011

It's HOT!

Cuttin' up some dinner

Our trailer

This is our trailer that we haul the bike and our other supplies with. The toolbox for my carpentry tools will be mounted on the front of the trailer. Of  course, we had to get a hitch extension to keep from jacknifing in to the box. We'll see how it works out.

My budget modified RV

It's a 1987 chevy box truck, camper chassis, 350 engine. It's called a "cutaway" in the van jargon. I bought it in Pennsylvania after my first conversion (a short "skoolie") blew it's diesel engine. We were stuck in North Carolina for a while because of having to put a rebuilt transmission in it. Hard on the pocketbook.
  With our limited income, the upgrades are coming pretty slow. Iv'e put in a couple of huge AGM 8d batteries in to supply our house power, and of course the inverter to run our electrical stuff. Pics will follow later, for those interestted in upgrading things.

The "forest" bike

This is the bike that I bought to negotiate the back roads of North Carolina, thinking that my cruiser would'nt do it. So far it's been great for that, but as far as touring goes, it ain't gonna cut it. Very uncomfortable for any extended period of time. Damn seat like a 2x4! But at least the riding position is upright. I'd drop the "touring" off the sport touring name, though. It's a Suzuki Bandit 1200s, and it will jerk your arms out of their sockets if you are not careful. It's got a shorter wheelbase than any other bike I've had, and man, this thing will get up and go! Commonly referred to as a "hooligan" bike, because of all the young dudes popping wheelies on it. Well, I ain't no hooligan, but the maneuverability of the beast is the best of any bike I've ever had. I just take it slow and easy (mostly) and I don't do wheelies.
  Here in Florida, most roads are flat with no mountains, so I'm hankerin' for a cruiser again!

Stuck no more

Well, I'm gearing up for our Westward trip in a couple of weeks...hope to run in to Brian out that way at some point in time! Been stuck here so long my mind is sinking in the mud!
We gotta travel slow, since I'm the only driver (my wife is disabled) and we are limited to SS income. But come November hope to be in Arizona!
Westward Ho!