Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The most loyal creature

My constant companion, and 'hero,' is Patchy, my dog. She is a Lhasa Apsa and 16 years old. I need to get her in to this journal, I feel her time on this plane is limited. She is now having some old dog syndromes. One of which is her total blindness.
  Not long ago in Florida she attempted to "save" me from what she thought was a life-threatening encounter with  3 hunting dogs that were clamoring and barking, snarling, and generally causing mayhem around me. Patchy was blind then, but she made a beeline for those dogs by sound alone, galloping on those little short legs and barking up a storm. Nothing I could do to stop her, but eventually I picked her up and got her away. I must say that I do love this little creature, and it will break my heart when she leaves...

Friday, October 7, 2011

Sunny shores, goodbye. On to Texas

Kind of a late post, because we've been in Texas for a few days. land of my birth. It's been a long time. I grew up here (well, kind of grew up, I left when I was 16) and began an adventure into the 'outside' world. It was a shocker. I wasn't the traditional kid raised in the family, high school, and on to the job. The things that happened to me when I was on the road then for a year,, and then on to the Army, were life changing events, to put it mildly. I mention this because I believe a seed of non-traditional thinking and philosophy was planted at that time.  My (our) goal is to leave bitterness behind, just like everyone living this lifestyle.
  Anyway, I've been thinking maybe I should appreciate the seed that was planted way back then, and just take for what it is. Life.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hey, recognition!

Well, Andy. the 'famous' oil field gate guard in Texas, just left me a note thanking me for my service in Vietnam. I am sitting high today, for a bit of recognition that lifted my heart away from bitterness. Andy's web site is so full of useful information on just about anything related to RVing and life in general that I have to plug him a little bit. A man after my own heart, with the dignity and honesty to admit his human failures and triumphs.
  Right on, Andy, and thanks