Friday, October 7, 2011

Sunny shores, goodbye. On to Texas

Kind of a late post, because we've been in Texas for a few days. land of my birth. It's been a long time. I grew up here (well, kind of grew up, I left when I was 16) and began an adventure into the 'outside' world. It was a shocker. I wasn't the traditional kid raised in the family, high school, and on to the job. The things that happened to me when I was on the road then for a year,, and then on to the Army, were life changing events, to put it mildly. I mention this because I believe a seed of non-traditional thinking and philosophy was planted at that time.  My (our) goal is to leave bitterness behind, just like everyone living this lifestyle.
  Anyway, I've been thinking maybe I should appreciate the seed that was planted way back then, and just take for what it is. Life.

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