Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The most loyal creature

My constant companion, and 'hero,' is Patchy, my dog. She is a Lhasa Apsa and 16 years old. I need to get her in to this journal, I feel her time on this plane is limited. She is now having some old dog syndromes. One of which is her total blindness.
  Not long ago in Florida she attempted to "save" me from what she thought was a life-threatening encounter with  3 hunting dogs that were clamoring and barking, snarling, and generally causing mayhem around me. Patchy was blind then, but she made a beeline for those dogs by sound alone, galloping on those little short legs and barking up a storm. Nothing I could do to stop her, but eventually I picked her up and got her away. I must say that I do love this little creature, and it will break my heart when she leaves...


  1. What a courageous doggie!! She is a sweetie,when its her time to go...remember what a wonderful life you gave her.

  2. Thanks, Tippy. She has given me a quiet mind, most times. Hope I stay that way.

  3. She is a beautiful, courageous little one! I agree with tippy completely, you must really have some wonderful memories with her!

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