Sunday, November 6, 2011

Comments welcome

Well, since I'm so new at this blogging thing, I just learned that I had the wrong settings on my "comments" setting. Sorry, for all those who wished to communicate. I know that must have been frustrating, it would have been for me. I do like to make comments on other forums and blogs.


  1. Ha Ha! Welcome to the "Learning Curve" :) ... The bad news is... That nevers stops... The good news is, with a lil' effort invested, you do get better 'n better at this writin' gig :)

    Glad to see you're still sluggin' away. I sure know it sometimes feels pretty up hill... Then I just think ; "I could be back standing in a hardware aisle selling plumbing parts." :)

    Broke and Free is better for me than employed, and just as "broke". :)

    One thing I can say is... A year and a half down the road now, my books are starting to threaten to start making a real living. Point being, as long as Hope is preserved... A fella has a chance.

    Take Good Care

  2. Good point, Brian. Ya just got a way of putting things in perspective!

  3. Hi Guy, What is your mailing address in temple?


  4. Belton TX. is actually closer to my campground now, I have to call them and make sure they will take general delivery.