Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Stuck in Temple

We are in a campground near Temple, TX for at least a month, due to another transmission failure. This makes the third time. What bites my ass is that last time it was supposed to be done right. Due to my lack of knowledge of transmissions in general, I allowed the repair guys to call it good enough when they said that the lack of overdrive in the transmission would be no problem. I allowed them to tell me this because I have never towed anything in OD, and I tow a small enclosed trailer with my motorcycle in it. So it sounded logical to me that I did not need OD in this 700r4 tranny. Obviously they took advantage of my lack of knowledge, collected their money, and sent me down the road with my disabled wife. Apparently not thinking a whit about the disastrous consequences of being stuck on the side of the road with a wife that can hardly walk, cannot deal with any problems of a severe nature such as this.
  This is a trend in America. Take the money and run. Call it good enough and quit. Half truths and pass the buck.
  Anyway, we cannot drive anywhere, cannot even boondock while we are waiting for the monthly stipend to enable us to pay for another tranny job. We were lucky to have found a COE campground near Temple to wait it out. IF they let us stay here over 14 days. If they don't, well I reckon we are in trouble. I'm running for groceries and the like on the bike.
  I ask you, if anyone ever reads this stuff, when is America gonna wake up and get back to the word is the bond type of business dealings? It ain't gonna happen. We are too far along the road of "anything goes" if ya get the money quick. Now that's capitalism!


  1. Thanks for adding Anonynous to types.

    I have gone back and read your entire blog roll and enjoyed it.

    I noticed the lack of comments. This type list will give anyone who wants to comment a way to do so.

    I'll bet you have a lot of lurkers out there.

    Bob (aka stude53)

  2. Nice blog Guy and Deb and Patchy. I won't comment much on your wouldn't it be nice to be honest posting. If I get started I won't shut up. Its almost a given, being a single woman that I get taken by mechanics.
    Dragonfly from
    My blog

  3. The unfortunate circumstances I have put myself in, ultimately. Realism escapes me at times, and wishing will never get anything done. Thanks for the kudoes on the blog.

  4. Hey Dragonfly, I certainly don't want to get you "started." Just be careful out there, please...