Tuesday, September 16, 2014

North by Northeast

We are back from a hiatus...a medical journey, a "stuck in one place" endurance test, an exercise in extreme patience...
Back on the road by October. We did the New Mexico thing, we are gonna try something different. Got the new to us rig, a class A RV, with working systems, and a better engine. Also got the "jackalope," my klr 650 motorcycle, for riding those trails and paths that no fancy pavement bound, boulevard cruising, "follow the pack" bike can match.
     Deb has had a couple of operations that should improve and simplify our life back on the road. She is doing much better since the last time I posted.
     I will continue the  blog again in October, and I write this to let my online friends know that we are still out here.

Yeah, I know...pretty fancy for us gypsies...We've had this rig for almost a year now. It's a '98 Safari Trek pathfinder, by GM.


  1. Welcome back! I had been following you and wondered about your "disappearance".
    I'm glad to see everything is okay. Sweet little RV! :-)

  2. Thanks, Karen & Tony...I know you've had your own challenges...love your current location!

  3. Sounds much finer than last we "spoke". Excellent!

  4. Hi Deb! Hi Guy! I hope all is well, Deb;s on the mend and getting strong!